How do I Order a Taxi?

As soon as you have been correctly located on the map view and your address is displayed in the white field at the bottom of the screen, click on "Prebook / Options".

If you are having trouble being located correctly on the map you can also enter your street and house number manually. To do so, click on the address field to enter an address after you have been located on the map view.

You can search for your specific street and house number manually in the "Address search" field by selecting the desired address from the drop-down list so your driver can find your location.

After you have clicked on "Prebook / Options" you can then tap on "Booking Options" to refine your booking. Here you can select Multi-Seater or Wheelchair Accessible vehicles as required, as well as selecting "Favourite Driver."

As soon as all of the information is entered correctly, please click on "Order taxi" at the bottom of the screen. The app will then automatically send your request to all nearby taxis that match your booking options. As soon as a driver has accepted your order you will receive a notification letting you know that the driver is on the way.

The message will include a photo of the driver and his/her license plate number to help make sure you find the right mytaxi. You can track the arrival of your taxi live on the mytaxi map and will automatically be informed as soon as your driver arrives.