Editing your Booking Options / Order Details

Depending on which mytaxi city you are in, you can select from among the following orders options/order details for every journey:
  • Message to driver: Type a short message that your driver will see when he accepts your journey.
  • Favourite driver: Drivers that you saved from a previous trip will be given preference when a request is made.
  • Mercedes-Benz taxi: This option is only available within Germany. By selecting this option preference will be given to Mercedes taxis. However, if none are available, drivers with other vehicles will be requested in order to fullfill your request.
  • 5-star taxi: Drivers with a very good average customer rating (5 stars) will be given preference.
  • Multi-Seater: After selecting this option you can move the slider along the bar with your finger from left to right in order to indicate the number of passengers.
  • Airport trip: Marks trips with the destination "Airport". If you have a lot of luggage, we recommend that you contact the driver to ensure that all of the luggage will fit into the vehicle.
  • Small animal: Only those drivers who transport small animals will be contacted. When traveling with a pet, we recommend that you bring a bag or a pet carrier to prevent stains or damage.
  • Courier trip: Only those drivers who make courier trips will be contacted.
  • Environmentally-friendly taxi: Preference will be given to drivers with an environmentally-friendly taxi.