How do I use the "EASY" promotion without booking via mytaxi?

Of course passengers who do not use mytaxi are also eligible to take part in our EASY promotion.
This means you can book a taxi via another agent, or hail a taxi in the streets.

To use the promotion,  you need to take the following steps: 
- download the mytaxi app and register
- register your payment details and verify your phone number.
- complete your taxi ride in the area where mytaxi is operating with an agent of your choice
- pay for your ride using a cash-free payment method (credit card or debit card) 
- ask to be given a receipt stating the start and destination address of your booking
- keep your receipt of payment
- go to and fill in the form
- print the form and send it to us by letter. Please include your original receipt. 

The address is:

Postfach 800468
21004 Hamburg

Postage for this letter will be covered for you.